Pants, skirts, shorts

trina turk Camel Suede Leather Midi Skirt

This beautiful leather (suede) skirt is a show stopper. Put..

trina turk Bernelle Pant

The epitome of elevated comfort, this satin pant is lightwei..

trina turk Long Weekend Pant

Start packing your bags for a long weekend, because this fla..

trina turk Barrier Island Pant Pea Color

Awesome army colored cargo pant. Looks great dressed up wit..

hale Bob Skirt Lining w/ Silk Overlay

Ankle length skirt with 34" lining starting at the waist

trina turk Antigua Bermuda

Our newest women’s short in a flattering bermuda length fe..

hale Bob Coral Floral Crop Pant

The new look for 2021 is a printed crop loose bottoms. This ..